Friday, October 12, 2012

Predictions 10/12/2012

More good news for Mr. Romney again today as you consider the polling from the day. Despite the fact that some of the polls came from more right leaning companies it none the less shows another day of the Romney momentum. New Hampshire is now a toss-up and it is not going to take much to bring Iowa and Wisconsin into that column. A few states also moved more towards Romney in my confidence level of victory.

Toss-Up States Projected Winner EV Confidence  Change
Nevada Obama 6 65% None
Colorado Romney 9 65% 5%
Florida Romney 29 65% 10%
Virginia Romney 13 55% 5%
Ohio Obama 18 60% None
New Hampshire Obama 4 60% 25%
Leaning States
Iowa Obama 6 75% 5%
Wisconsin Obama 10 70% None
North Carolina Romney 15 80% None
Leaning States Obama 16 70-85% -4
Romney 15 70-85% 0
Safe States Obama 237 90% + 0
Romney 191 90% + 0
Total Obama 253 -4
Romney 206
Toss-Ups 79 50-65% 4
Projected Finish Obama 281 0
Romney 257 0

One can click on the link below to see my predictions in map form.
Political Prognosticators Daily Electoral Map

Anyone that has any ideas on how I can present my predictions in an easier to follow format or if you would like me to include other data in my predictions please let me know. As always I welcome any questions, comments, and predictions that you may have. I am getting several page views, but no one has had the courage to comment as of yet.

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