Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Political Prognosticator VS Professional Prognosticators

KEY STATES Political Prognosticator Nate Silver-538.com RealClearPolitics Avg.
Colorado Obama-1.5 Obama-2.6 Obama-1.5
Florida Romney-0.8 Obama-0.2 Romney-1.5
Iowa Obama-1.5 Obama-3.4 Obama-2.4
Michigan Obama-4.25 Obama-7.3 Obama-4.0
Nevada Obama-3.3 Obama-4.7 Obama-2.8
New Hampshire Obama-2.5 Obama-3.7 Obama-2.0
North Carolina Romney-3.3 Romney-1.6 Romney-3.0
Ohio Obama-2.5 Obama-3.7 Obama-2.9
Pennslyvania Obama-3.6 Obama-6.1 Obama-3.8
Virginia Obama-0.7 Obama-2.2 Obama-0.3
Wisconsin Obama-3.1 Obama-5.7 Obama-4.2
Electoral Count Obama- 303-225 Obama- 332-196 Obama- 303-225
Popular Vote Obama-1.4 Obama-2.5 Obama-0.7

Follow all the action tonight as well as our final picks in spreadsheet form with open spaces for the actual winners as they are called can do so here:  Follow Along Printable Spreadsheet

Those wishing to view this page in spreadsheet (printable) form can do so here; includes pollsunskewed as well: Comparison Chart

Those wishing to view my projections in map form can do so here. Final Projections Map (No Toss-Up)

LIVE BLOGGING TONIGHT...My impressions, predictions, and thoughts as the action happens. Starting at 7:30 PM and continuing until the race is called. (or not called) I will disect the numbers and exit polls as they come in. Just keep the Live Blog Page up and refresh every little while.

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