Monday, December 17, 2012

Is the Sky Falling?

For those that may have been wondering if the sky had fallen above our home in PA and if that was the reason for the sudden hiatus from political blogging. No, I am just keenly aware of a few things.
1.) That I was in dire need of a break from this sort of thing. In the heat of an election season, especially Presidential ones, I spend a tremendous amount of my free time dissecting every aspect of an election, especially things involving numbers.
2.) It it also my firm belief that the vast majority of those which closely followed my blog was ready for a break from politics in general. While I may be privately following 2014 Senate races and prospective 2016 presidential candidates; Does anyone really care, except me?
3.) I also tend to believe the majority of those who followed my blog so closely during the election, was doing do with direct interest in what the numbers were saying about who the next president would be. People in general do not put much stock in political opinions from non-media talking heads that they do not know. However, I wish people would place less stock in media talking heads as they spin the news to tell you what they want you to believe and generally what you want to hear.
4.) The vast majority of my conservative readers are not going to like my political opinions, because I don't believe most of the conspiracy theories and I tend to feed my mind on current events that are actually happening. This differs from the popular, "The Sky is Falling" and "Obama is About Ready to... Overthrow the Government, close churches, make it illegal to pray, ban all guns, etc." mantras.

Now back to the original question..."Is the Sky Falling?"
To be sure, there is a lot to be discouraged over...
I.) One of the most hideous and violent shootings in our nations history just occurred, in which many of the victims were innocent young children. While so many people search for a motive and a simple fix, the reality is that these just cannot and do not exist. As long as we have sin and temptation we will have these types of crimes occurring. Some of the same people that insisted on kicking God out of our schools, court rooms, and government now ask the question, "Where is God?".
II.) That so many politicians believe that increasing guns laws is the answer to such violence. How so many people can be sucked into the concept that increasing gun laws are going to take guns out of the hands of criminals and that the problem lies in the weapon rather then the heart within the person operating that weapon.
III.) We could very soon be going over the fiscal cliff, because of a mixture of indifference, political games, and just plain stubbornness. I tend to think this is a natural byproduct of a two party system that believes we have two teams, rather then one. Each party must follow the party line and vote the way their party tells them. then if someone from the opposing party comes up with a brilliant plan that they personally agree with then they must vote against it, because it came from the wrong party.
IV.) That the most important republican taking part in these deliberations has been thrown under the bus by his own party, because he has the audacity to think that both parties are going to have to compromise in order to get a deal done. Then a person whom conservatives generally choose to trust more then God, none other then Rush Limbaugh himself, tells his party leaders to just let the taxes dramatically increase on everyone. Why? Because his taxes are going up regardless. So why does it matter to him if those in the lower and middle class endure it too? If he's not going to get his way, then why let anyone else get their way? Then, of course, he makes the mind boggling assertion that this will hurt Obama more. Not only do I (as well as polls) find this idea to be wrong, but I also find it disheartening that so many people think through the lens of politics first and country last.
V.) Finally, half of the country still finds the election results very painful and life altering. After all when someone from the opposing party wins it obviously means that this will be the last election we ever have, those from their very own party are going to roll over and allow him to become a dictator, that he must be the anti-Christ, that the election must have been rigged, and God was so surprised that He resigned or decided to move up His return to earth.

Why the Sky is Not Falling?
How soon we forget the past and fail to learn lessons from the past. How quickly we cast away our confidence in everyone and everything. How easy it is to think that everything wrong that happens, changes everything. Understanding these things would help us gain a clearer mindset when we look for reasons why the sky is not falling. As a pastor allow me to look at the Spiritual realm for a moment.
I. God knew before the foundations of time who would win the last election. He does not view elections like we do. Meaning that He does not put any stock in party affiliation or who the good guy is supposed to be or who many people think the bad guy is. While it is important to note that not everything which happens in elections are God ordained or even the perfect plan of God. Since when is our personal relationship with God affected or influenced by any politician? The next four years can bring the greatest spiritual growth we have ever seen, if we want it to.
II. Who created the sky? Who keeps the sky suspended above the earth? How is it that the sky falls? While these questions may in fact be applied literally and cause some encouragement. They can also be taken in a figurative sense. If the answer to all three questions go back to God then how can any crime, debt crises, or election change this? It can't!
III. Now let us look at this through the preferred lens of many...Good Versus Evil. What is it that makes someone good or evil?, or something good or evil? If we answer these questions through the test of its relationship or connection to God, as I would; Then how does any event or circumstance that does not altar that which is good or evil, change what truly is good or evil?
IV. In the event that the last one lost you, this one is down a similar line, yet simpler to understand. What is it that matters most about good or evil? The one that ultimately prevails in the end. If we really believe that God will, then the sky is not and will not ever fall.
V. There is something called cycles in life and this applies to politics as well. The easiest thing in the world to assume is that because something did not or is not going our way currently, then it will never go our way again. When Clinton won, republicans were convinced that they would never win again. When Bush won re-election, then democrats were saying they would never win again. Now...well we already know what the skeptics are saying. When a bad piece of legislation passes, then the easiest thing to assume is that it will always stand and things will never be different then they currently are. If the sky was falling every time something bad happened, then the sky would have fallen a long time ago.
VI. We have a choice as to whether or not we buy into the skeptics, antagonists, and doubters. Yourr family, friends, and acquaintances may be convinced their sky is falling, but we have the choice of looking up and realizing that it has not.

Now to sign off...A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

 Your feedback matters greatly and may influence how often I post. I would love to start talking about future elections, but I still think some time is needed before we jump back into those areas.

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